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Samick Discovery R-3 limbs
Foam Core, UD Carbon, International fitting limbs

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Foam Core, UD Carbon, International fitting limbs
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Hi Guys, I have been given a "21 Inch Ilf Riser", and wish to fit it with Samick Discovery Foam/ carbon limbs.....Question ; " Which particular limbs do i require to make this bow 66 inces long overall ( as i have a long draw length) Thanks !

These limbs measurements are for a 17" riser. To suit a 21 inch riser, add 4 inches to the advised limb length

Any update on the delivery date of your Discovery R3 limbs in 55? I enquired a while back and were told they were on back order?

The Samick order came in on the 9th. We have the 55# limbs back in stock

i am placing a order for a samick discovery riser 17'' and samick discovery R-3 60'' wot size string do i need and which type is genraley better for hunting and roamingfor this set up

You will need a 60" string to suit 60" limbs. Dacron strings are quieter than Fast Flight strings but slower. Very much personal preference as to which string benefits you the most.

Hi, If i put a set of #50 limbs on my 19" Satori roughly what poundage will i get? Im after the 62" limbs. Im guessing high 40's at 28" Thanks Brett

2# less