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Junxing Pharos 62" Recurve bow
CNC Machined 19" riser, International fitting clip in limbs. Shoot off the shelf or using a plunger. This bow has it all. Wood grip. Latest Pharos do not come in the fancy box

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Name : Duo
Location : NSW
Title : Great Box
Review : Just got my order, gotta say, when Steve said the box is fancy, he's not kidding. The bow is great too.

Name : Arthur Powell
Location : England
Title : Mr
Review : Very nice looking bow, feels very comfortable. Arrived a week earlier than indicated, my impression love it, however the only arrows are large and bulky not competition standard as they are fully carbon, as a-pose to carbon alloy, the kit also did not have a bow stringer. But even more disappointedly the users manual only comes in Chinese.

Does this in come in a lower poundage and does it come in Black. After the pharos 2. With 21 inch riser

We have very limited stock until the next shipment arrives

what is price in us dollars thank you

The website will convert the price to your relevant dollar at the checkout. Alternatively, Google will let you know the current conversion rate that changes every hour.

Does this come with bamboo limbs?

All we are told is the limbs are wood core

Hi, I saw the video about this bow on YouTube, is that still available? how long is it going to take if ship to Perth? and will that include with the box? Thank you

We have limited sizes and poundages, they do still come in the fancy box. Shipping to Perth depends on the postage option you select.

Would you ship one of these to the United States? And if you would, how much would it cost me? I'm tired of waiting for Lancaster Archery. Thanks

When you place the order on the website it should calculate shipping for you before you finalize the order. We couldn't guess without knowing exactly where it's going.

Hi I'm interested in buying one of your pharos 62in. But I noticed in the description it dosnt come in the nice box. Are there any other differences. In this package. Cheers nick

The latest Pharos bows did not get sent in the nice box, this is the only difference.

hi, i'm interested in the Pharos 2 Recurve bow. However, may i ask some advice on how i should decide on the bow poundage that suits me?

Poundage depends on how strong you are and how long you've been shooting. For a beginner archer, even if you are generally quite strong I'd only recommend 30-35# for the pharos. However if you've been shooting for a while then you may be able to shoot 40# quite comfortably. If you can I'd recommend coming in store and trying the different poundages out.

Could you ship this to the UK? If so, how much would it cost? Thanks for your time, Alex.

Yes we ship to the UK. I guess around $50. The website will give you options from post to courier.