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TRU Ball Fulkrum Flex QuickSilver back tension release
The T.R.U. Ball Fulkram Flex release is a back tensions brass release which allows you to adjust the head position. The Fulkram Flex allows you to swap from 3 to 4 finger. Designed by Jesse Broadwater to be the same as the Abyss thumb release.


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The new FulKrum Flex is an update from the popular TRU Ball Fulkrum.  The Fulkrum Flex is like the Fulkrum but the Fulkrum is one peice handle and the Fulkrum Flex allows you to change the number of fingers and the angle of the handle.

The New Fulkrum Flex is micro adjustable hinger release with the brass body for extra weight.  The FulKrum Flex has an enclosed body body for you index finger and knurled second, third and fouth finger for the reat feel.

The Fulkrum and the Abyss releases all feature the Lever Alignment System (LAS) which allower you to move the head of the release by 30 degrees to change the feel of the release when drawn and when the shot is triggered.

The Micro adjustment on the Sear of the Fulkrum Flex needs to be loosened prior to making any travel adjustments.  The laser engraved marks on the Fulkrum Flex helps to make the referencing adjustments easy.

The TRU Ball Fulkrum Flex is the hinge version of the TRU Ball AByss Flex.  the Abyss Flex is the Thumb activated version.

Designed by Jesse Broadwater 3 time Vegas Champion

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