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Junxing Pharos 60" Recurve bow
CNC Machined 17" riser, International fitting clip in limbs. Shoot off the shelf or using a plunger. This bow has it all. Wood grip. Latest Pharos do not come in the fancy box

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I had just put an order and paid for this bow, just a quick question here, 1. would package come as the photo show with the bow? 2. How long it take to get it sent to here? 3. Would the original box come with it ? I would love to have it. Thank You :)

The Pharos does come in the original box the first photo just clearly displays whats included. Shipping time depends on your location, processing time at the moment is experiencing delays due to an immense amount of orders in our system. - Sam 03/09/20

hi interested in getting the junxing pharos II. Was wondering if you sell the ilf limbs for this bow seperately? Was thinking of buying a low draw weight for practice shooting and picking up a second 50 or higher pound for hunting... I know I can purchase any ILF limb but i wanted to keep the bow look and feel consistent with solid black limbs. Bryan

Unfortunately these bows are sold as kits with their OEM limbs. The best course of action if you're planning on increasing poundage for the pharos is to purchase aftermarket ILF limbs at a later date.

Good afternoon, I m looking at purchasing the Junxing Pharos 60" Recurve bow for my wife. Apart from the bow stringer what else would you need. Could you please give me an Idea of Arrows (Target Shooting), Arm Guard etc. Thank you for your help. You can contact me on 0488699011 my name is Raf.

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?

Hi, I’m interested in the Pharos 2 bow, I’m new to archery. I’m 172lbs so think I’ll need 50lb one. I live in Scotland and would like to get this soon as possible, possibly get you to put a few extras into it also. Get back to me soon as please. Regards Brian

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?

Hi, What is the brace height for this bow and how heavy is the riser? Thank you.

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?