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Skylon Radius Arrows Made dz
4.2 Carbon arrows, 24T Carbon. Pin nocks, Points and Vanes. .005 straightness. Comes with target break off points - these need to be glued in with a point glue.

Spine Size

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

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Material: 24-TON Carbon
Inner Diameter: 4.2mm / .166"
Straightness Tolerance: ±.005"  

2.000" 4.96mm 3.60 32" 50gr
1.800" 5.00mm 3.89 32" 50gr
1.500" 5.05mm 4.00 32" 60-70-80gr
1.300" 5.18mm 4.16 32" 60-70-80gr
1.100" 5.22mm 4.64 32" 60-70-80gr
1.000" 5.32mm 4.90 32" 60-70-80gr
0.900" 5.36mm 5.34 32" 60-70-80gr
0.850" 5.42mm 5.48 32" 60-70-80gr or 80-90-100gr
0.800" 5.48mm 5.80 32" 60-70-80gr or 80-90-100gr
0.750" 5.50mm 5.94 32" 80-90-100gr
0.700" 5.58mm 6.17 32" 80-90-100gr
0.650" 5.60mm 6.42 32" 80-90-100gr
0.600" 5.71mm 7.09 32" 80-90-100gr or 100-110-120gr
0.550" 5.77mm 7.47 32" 80-90-100gr or 100-110-120gr
0.500" 5.88mm 8.00 32" 80-90-100gr or 100-110-120gr
0.450" 5.99mm 8.63 32" 80-90-100gr or 100-110-120gr
0.400" 6.13mm 9.47 32" 80-90-100gr or 100-110-120gr
Name : Stuart
Location : Brisbane
Title : Fantastic value
Review : 1/3 price of carbon ones 100% quality. Very impressive arrow and at the right price. Perfect for the recurve target archer.

Hi I am new to archery and have joined a reputable club in Brisbane. I want to purchase my first set of new arrows with the intent on shooting 60lb Compound target. I have a 27inch draw length. I like the reviews Steve did for the Skylon Radius. My question is what length do I choose and what spine size is suitable for me? The Bow I will be purchasing in the near future will be the Topoint Reliance Thanks Glenn

60# bow will require 400 spine arrows. Most people will cut there arrows around .5" to 1" longer than there draw length.

Skylon Radius arrows - my draw length is 26in so do you add the extra 1.5 to 2 inches to this with the nock and point to make it 27.5 to 28 inches? The oder form asks for draw length only, not the made arrow length

the draw length option is what we will cut the arrow down to (Carbon to Carbon) but if you want it to be a bit longer to be safe I would recommend adding 1inch onto your calculated draw length.