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Skylon Novice Arrows Made each
Made thin carbon arrows 4.2mm. Comes with points glued in, nocks and vanes. Good begineer recurve arrow

Spine Size

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Material: 24-TON Carbon
Inner Diameter: 4.2mm / .166"
Straightness Tolerance: ±.007"  

2.000" 4.96mm 3.60 26" 50gr
1.800" 5.00mm 3.89 27" 50gr
1.500" 5.05mm 4.00 28" 70gr
1.300" 5.18mm 4.16 28" 70gr
1.100" 5.22mm 4.64 28" 70gr
1.000" 5.32mm 4.90 29" 70gr
0.900" 5.36mm 5.34 29" 70gr
0.800" 5.48mm 5.80 30" 90gr
0.700" 5.58mm 6.17 30" 90gr
0.600" 5.71mm 7.09 31" 90gr
Name : Trav
Location : ACT
Title : Step above cheap
Review : I have some thick, cheap carbon arrows and wanted to try something different. These arrows are a notable jump in quality of finish and flight.

I am new to archery. I am shooting a PSE Stinger x at its minimum dwar weight. It has been recommended that i shoot a 600 spine arrow. I am shooting at targets only - not interested in hunting. I would like something that i can make nice and visable as my eyes are a bit rubbish. Would these arrows suit? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also i am on a limited budget. I cant afford to spend hundreds on arrows while i learn. I am happy to spend up to about $150 for as many arrows as i can. Plus postage.

Hi Hayley, Thanks for contacting us. Below is a link that will help you calculate appropriate arrows based on your arrow length and bow poundage. Regarding visibility this is made easiest based on the color, shape and size of the fletches you choose. Once you've accessed the link above to determine the appropriate spine for you, jump on our website to see what's available within your budget. Postage costs vary and will be calculated as you place the order online. Please contact us if you need any further help. Until then, good luck from the team at Archery Supplies