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Oak Ridge Ash Hybrid LongBow 62" R/H Flemish
- Bow length: 62" - Brace height: 7" - Wood specs riser: Ash/Dymond wood - Wood specs limbs: Maple with black fiberglass

Bow Maximum Poundage

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Oak ridge ash hybrid longbow 62". Does it come left handed? Cheers. (love you videos.)

Unfortunately not at the moment

What arrow spine and weight would you recommend for this bow? This will be my first bow so only considering 25 or 30 pounds to begin with and I have a draw length of approx 29”. Would only need points for targets at this stage. Thanks for your help.

The spine will obviously depend on the weight of the bow. At 30# with 125gr points, I would recommend a 700 spine Skylon Frontier or Skylon Bentwood arrow.