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Kinetic Honoric UD Carbon limbs IFL 70" 30#
Carbon and Black Foam core limbs
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Carbon and Black Foam core limbs
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Hey, I have a sanlida riser with x8 23” limbs. They are 40pound limbs. I’m looking for around 30 pound limbs that I could use with the same riser, I only see the X7 limbs for sale but they seem to make a 66” bow. Are these limbs (or any others) compatible with the Sanlina riser I have? Preferably 23” so I can keep my bow string the same.

It would depend on the overall length of your current limbs/bow setup. Any ILF limb will suit. The limbs are advertised at their finished length usually, 66", 68", 70" etc Depending on the limb as to whether they are designed for a 23 or 25" riser. It's hard to recommend anything without knowing the specs of what you currently have.