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Junxing Max 7 RH 30-70# 19-31"
Comes in Tan and Black, 30-70# 19-31", 320FPS, 32" Axle to Axle, 80% Let off


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Comes in Tan and Black, 30-70# 19-31", 320FPS, 32" Axle to Axle, 80% Let off
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Hello, I have a Junxing Max 7 compound bow (32# Axle to Axle) that needs a new string and cable. Are you able to advise on the string and cable lengths so I can order new ones? Kind Regards, Ben

You will need to order a custom set for this bow. Just include what type of bow in the notes and we will sort everything else out.

Hi thanks for your reply, I'm new to bowhunting and the video was a bit confusing on YouTube. With the weight arrows that Steven shot. Does this bow have the same IBO rating as the Junxing m128 compound bow that Steven also tested on YouTube? Not sure on which model I should pick. Really keen to buy a kit. Thanks for your time, I appreciate it!

The Max 7 is definitely a better hunting bow than the M128. None of the factory IBO specs are correct on the cheaper bows, an animal can move faster than any arrow. Silence and accuracy are more important than speed.

Hi Steven, would you rate this bows IBO at 300fps? Interested in purchasing a kit for hunting. Thanks!

Steve has done a video review on this bow

what is this in u.s. dollars?

Please use an online calculator to get real-time conversion rates

Does the price in australian dollar? ($280)

Yes, that is AUD

are these right hand only ?

Unfortunately, RH only

What is the Maxx 7 like? I couldn't find a review on your awesome YouTube channel. How does it compare to say a PSE drive NXT (already own)?

The Maxx 7 is a very good bow for the price. It is not as good as the Drive NXT though