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    Product Description


    The Omega features an all new radiused handle design with hardened 440c stainless internals. Complete with a hand polished stainless steel hook and simple-to-adjust tension and travel screws. The handle is a wide-track design for comfort and consistency. The thumb bars, pegs and trigger options can be customized to fit any archer. New for 2021 on the Omega line is what we call the fish-scale texture, that will give you a little added grip when using the release. The Omega’s exclusive design includes a base system that holds sears in place, producing the best performing release available today.

    Omega features:

    • Patented design
    • Proprietary base system that holds sears in place
    • All new handle design and finish
    • Hand polished stainless steel hook
    • Hardened 440c internals
    • Tension and travel adjustments
    • Radiused wide track handle