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    Product Description

    A useful helper for holding the string.

    When sliding the bow into a bow bag or during transport, the string often slips from the limb. The brace height has to be set again and the string has disappeared in the depth of your bag. This does not have to happen! The stringkeeper is a useful equipment that prevents the string from slipping off the limb. So you can carry your bow relaxed and your string stays where it should be. 

    Product information at a glance:

    • Material: Leather
    • Color: Beige with black string
    • Use: On every bow to hold the string
    • Usage: You can put the round leather patch through the upper string ear. The upper string ear is bigger than the lower one. This creates the hold. You can put the cap on the upper tip. The other side of the string can be left in the notch.
    • Tip: Once you have set your stringkeeper to fit your bow and string, you can reset the knot and simply cut off the excess string.