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    Product Description

    The Beiter V-BOX is the base of a multifunctional dampening system for stabilizer systems: The Beiter V-BOX ist also available in STEEL or in the COLOUR version. The stiffness of the V-BOX can be modified with the interchangeable membranes which have different properties. The system is completed by weights and compensation spacers which can be mounted with different screws, threaded studs and adaptors.
    Beiter Centralizers can be ordered with 5/16"-24 inner or outer weight adapters at no extra charge. But the V-box is compatible with almost all available stabilizer systems.

    On systems using a 5/16 thread, the Beiter V-BOX can be mounted on the standard thread that comes with the stabilizers, while for stabilizers using 1/14 threads, inner and outer thread adaptors to a 5/16"size are available.