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    Our Smacdown .747 Sidebars are just like ALL our Side Bars!! The EXACT Same Material, Layup, Process as our Front Bars!! You will see many that have side bars for much less than Front Bars Proportionality. HOW do they do it? Use less grade Carbon on Side bars and that is how they do it. NOT US!! They are IDENTICAL!!! WHY? IT MATTERS!!! 

    The Smacdown .747 is a 3/4" Carbon Stabilizer made with 100% Ultra High and Ultra High Pitch Fiber. The .747 Smacdown has an INCREDIBLE stiffness to weight ratio in a 3/4" Bar, and a unique composite dampening material called SMACWRAP®. This makes the Smacdown .747 quite possibly the BEST 3/4" Bar on the Market today. We are the first to Utilize SMAC Technology in Archery Stabilization! SMAC is the ULTIMATE in Vibration Dampening and shot Recovery. If you are Looking for an Awesome shooting bar that encompasses the latest technology in shot dampening then the new Smacdown .747 is the bar for you