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    Product Description

    • VACP System adds additional fine tuning to get the best arrow flight without adjusting draw weight or arrow spine / length
    • TX Balance System features tungsten weights inserted into the base of the riser to add a subtle balance shift, optimizing the weight distribution
    • Designed with soft curves which minimize unwanted movement of the bow at release
    • Superfine Full CNC Milling with 6061 Aluminum with 1 in 1000mm precision
    • Limb alignment adjustable with M4/M5 wrench
    • Stable & Steady Geometry
    • Tight & Secure Wooden Grip
    • Deep Colored Anodizing prevents damage to the riser and adds brilliant colors
    • White, Sand, and Viva Magenta colors feature a vibrant cerakoted finish durable to weather and wear
    • Clicker Mount Thread 6/32”
    • 1,282 grams
    • ILF Compatable