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    But, they didn’t stop there. The team made it possible to attach any AR-style grip and buttstock to the X16 platform. The X16 Target still shoots a nocked arrow, it’s easy to cock, lightweight, and perfectly balanced. The Trigger Tech trigger box in this platform has a trigger pull of 2 pounds, 6 ounces. Couple that with an arrow rest that can be paper tuned, and this crossbow is ready for the podium!

    • Draw weights (lbs): 75/90/125
    • Power Length (in): 16″ Power Stroke
    • 18.50″/14.75″ axle to axle
    • Trigger Pull (lb) 2.10
    • Aluminum Weight (lbs): 6.25**
    • Speed Up To (fps): 350 @ 125lbs with a 325 grain
    • 90 ft-lb Kinetic Energy