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    Product Description

    Gold Tip introduces Airstrike™, featuring an ultra-light .204 inside diameter profile with an extreme front of center design, high modulus carbon construction, and exclusive Dyna-Tek Slick Shield® coating. Built for speed and long-range accuracy, the Airstrike™ closes long distances faster and penetrates deeper with pinpoint accuracy. It’s the fastest, most versatile long-range hunting arrow your target will never see. 

    • .204 inside diameter
    • Ultralight weight Extreme FOC for more stable flight & long range accuracy
    • High Modulus carbon construction
    • +/- .001” straightness tolerance
    • +/- 0.5 grain weight tolerance
    • Exclusive Dyna-Tek® Slick Shield coating for deeper penetration.
    • Smart Carbon Technology – pure carbon, no fillers
    • Legendary GT durability & straightness retention
    • Stainless Steel Inserts Sold Separately