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    What makes the Hoyt RX- 5 the better choice? 

    We'll break down Hoyt's new features which make the RX-5 outpace it's peers and previous Hoyt models.

    • Brand new HBX Cam - A brand new patented design, built on what makes Hoyt's older Cam's great, it will feel familiar, but with an edge. HBX comes in a singular cam size that covers the full draw length range by using two different module sizes, so you get the fastest performance across all draw lengths. â€‹
    • New Roller Guard system - Highly efficient with low friction, sealed with ball bearings.​
    • In-Line Picatinny sight mount - Hoyt's new In-Line sight mount uses the reliable picatinny rail to tactically mount your sight on the front of the bow. This, in short, streamlines sight fitment, enhances balance (takes weight off the side of the bow) and provides a more reliable attachment. 
    • Redesigned Limb Shox and Shock Pods - Redesigned for maximum efficiency and synergy with the new HBX cam system, allowing for zero hand vibration. 
    • Optimized stabilizer position - Lower center of gravity, front of center, however the under grip threading remains also. This bow comes with a complimentary In-Line short stop 2.25" stabilizer, with the attachment point father forward this lighter, shorter stabilizer is the equivalent of a 6" stabilizer. â€‹
    • In-Line sidebar location - Compatible with the Hoyt SL Sidebar mount. 

    In addition to all the other features that make Hoyt's premier hunting bow brand. 

    • Tec Risers - Hoyt's brand unique 'Total Engineering Concept' risers. 
    • X-act Grip System - Perfectly contours to any hand shape to offer the premier hunting grip, with tournament winning consistency and comfort.  
    • Intergrate Rest Mount - In-line machined dovetail mounting system.
    • Fuse custom string and cable set -  Super solid strings and cables, machined 

    Built with purpose, the RX-5 is available in 30" and the 34" 'Ultra' variation. 

    Hoyt can see that different hunters have different needs, so two axle-to-axle variations have been made available. 

    34 Ultra" - A longer axle-to-axle means a bit less speed - but a much more forgiving draw, ideal for hunters who are after a more balanced and comfortable bow. Also a fantastic choice for 3D target archery. 

    30" - A shorter axle-to-axle means a bit more speed - Compact, aggressive and maneuverable. The 30" RX-5 is perfect for hunter's that value movement above all else. 

    Photo's with accessories not included, other than the 2" stabilizer this bow is sold bare, so that you can make it into what you want it to be!