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    Product Description

    The Desolve® Veil™ and Forest Green colourways utilise a 240gsm Brushed Tricot polyester knit fabric which is light, quiet, durable and dries quickly. The Black and Navy/Tan colourways use a 97% cotton, 3% spandex blend to give them ruggedness with a good amount of stretch.

    Stubbies, keep it simple!

    • Desolve® Veil™ and Forest Green - Brushed tricot polyester knit fabric
    • Black and Navy/Tan - 97% cotton, 35 spandex blend
    • Quiet, durable, fast-drying
    • Big zippered pockets
    • Elastic waistband & drawstring
    Small - 32"
    Medium 34"
    Large - 36"