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    Product Description

    Old School heads

    •  2mm reinforced tip, to give you the confidence you need to take on Australia’s toughest critters.

    • 3:1 ration for optimal penetration

    • Braze welded, giving you much more strength than a few spot welds.

    • 48-50 Rockwell hardness, make these heads not too hard and brittle, still easy enough to sharpen with a good file and steel but still tough enough to bust though the bones of what ever get in there way.

    • Sharp out of the packet but we do recommend giving them a quick touch up with a file and steel as well as filing the point off the heads back to a tanto style tip to prevent the tip curling.

    • Heads are assembled in Australia by the local challenged community so every time you purchase a packet of these you are supporting the challenged community of Australia

    • These heads are a very simple yet effective broadheads with hundreds of thousands of animals taken with them, they are a tried and tested Aussie gem.

    • Multiple weights available.