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    The origins of ZOT – The introduction of Drive Force Technology (DFT)


    Starting archery in 1987 and then Bowhunting soon after, my archery journey has taken me all over this amazing country to pursue feral game. In that time, I have tried and tested a lot of different broadheads. I used to spend a good amount of time thinking up broadhead designs that might give me that edge for a quicker cleaner kill. What always fascinated me was watching a broadhead – how it spins, its shape and contours. It was 2010 while I was hunting my way around Australia when the first sketches of the ZOT broadhead were drawn. With ZOT’s progression of different angles and channels, a new kind of technology was created; Drive Force Technology (DFT). DFT achieves a super low resistance on impact and accuracy, like never seen before, with both modern and traditional bows. These broadheads have been trialled and tested on the biggest wildest game that Australia has to offer. Thank you for choosing Kayuga Broadheads Summers Signature Series ZOT.


    Regards and happy hunting,

    Ian Summers


    PS. ZOT is the sound a bowhunter makes when you get a perfect kill – Zotted him. Boom boom.

    • Drive Force Technology (DFT)

    • Haemorrtech channels

    • Super Low resistance

    • Field point Accuracy

    • Quicker Cleaner Kills