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    Product Description

    Why is Everest the most successful hybrid roller case for compound bows?

    Everest was designed to be the best solution to travel with your expensive bow and archery gear, by air, train, boat or car. You do not need to carry a hard bow case and a suitcase, Everest is all you need.

    Are you looking for the right case for your bow?

    If you are like most archers, you refuse to entrust your bow to just anyone or any bag. The last thing you need is for someone to cause undue damage to your gear. It’s a tricky concern when traveling. Bag handlers at airports often can be carelessly dropping luggage.

    So what’s your best option?

    The Legend Everest Hybrid Roller Bow Case offers the ultimate protection for your archery gear.

    Your bow case is your first line of defense. Thousands of archers all over the world rely on the Everest roller case to do the job. Everest is their trusted companion when traveling.

    The choice of the right travel bag for an expensive bow often falls between a soft case and a hard case. The soft version is generally less expensive but offers a lower level of protection. Meanwhile, the hard one is a better shield but is much heavier, has virtually no pockets and is much more expensive. We offer the third and best option - a hybrid case.

    Everest blends all the best features of soft and hard cases. It provides intensive safety and security with storage options and compartments, all without burning a hole in your pocket. This hybrid is designed to be the absolute best travel solution for your valuable bow and archery gear.

    Here are other reasons to love our bow case:

    🏹 Can accommodate 2 compound bows
    🏹 Three handles for easy carrying or loading in your car
    🏹 2 front pockets for holding often used accessories

    🏹 2 VARIANTS, FIND THE RIGHT FIT  We provide the case’s inside dimensions, so you can better determine which one fits your bow perfectly; 44"x14.7"x8" for Everest 44 and 40"x14.7"x8" for Everest 40