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    Product Description

    • Protect your fingers and enhance your shooting with one of our 3 fingers under tabs. Packed with features and fully customizable these tabs will suit any archer.

      Shooting 3 fingers under places the arrow closer to the eye and aids in aligning the shot. It also stops any pinching of the arrow which can cause improper arrow flight.

      The triple-layer construction consists of a polished veg-tanned leather face piece that is both slick and durable. This sits against the string and can be replaced/upgraded if needed.

      Next in line is a tactile rubber buffer that can be removed to suit the "feel" you want from any poundage bow.

      Finally, a chrome tanned backing piece which has a soft nap. This sits against the skin of your fingers and gives a soft comfortable feel.

      All this is capped off by a black coloured rigid leather spine piece that helps to repeatedly align your string and eliminate string torque.

      These tabs have been designed in such a way to aid the archer. Whether it be the rotational cut that allows the tab to be moved to the other side of the hand with ease while using binoculars or when accessing pockets for wind checkers etc.

      Or the tapered, shallow hook cut that exposes the fingertips for perfect anchor placement, and reduced material to avoid irritating the face/skin around the anchor point. Which can lead to poor shooting and flinching.

      Please note* Going up in tab size does NOT effect the length to the finger tips only the width.