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    Product Description

    • A neutral black bow quiver that will blend with any bow. The smallest in the range but still large enough for four 3 blade broadheads.

      Its smaller size will have the least impact on your bow. Making it Ideal for longbows and smaller re-curves.

      Perfect for shorter hunts and sleek minimal setups. Our 4 arrow  bow quiver will enhance your longbow or re-curves look and feel.

      Low profile strap down brackets sit close to the limbs. This aids stability and locks the quiver down so it feels like an extension of your bow.

      Custom fit brackets means there's no "one size fits all". You cut the bracket straps to suit your bow, so the fit is perfect.

      On a hunt or at the range. Our Premium leather bow quivers will keep your arrows safe and secure. So you can concentrate on hitting the target.