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    Product Description

    1. Dual fitting System application (ILF or Formula limbs)

    The MK SD riser designed by MK Archery’s technology is applied dual-system.
    This fitting system meaning can be used with ILF or Formula limbs without additional hardware. This system is the world’s only fitting system that can be used based on the user’s preference.

    2. Center identification system application

    MK SD riser applied the center identification system to easily check the center for anyone. It makes accurate adjustment easy and increases the accuracy of the setting.

    3. Use of the high strength 7075 aluminum

    MK SD Riser is made from 7075 Aluminum to raise its durability and to prevent twists or any modifications regardless of frequency of use. Also, MK SD riser maximizes solidity that is the material strength of 7075 Aluminum. It provides stability and a neat feeling of the shooting, thereby increasing the concentration

    4. NC accurate manufacturing process application

    MK SD Riser pursues accuracy by removing the minute differences of thickness, weight, and angles through the NC accurate manufacturing process. Therefore, you can use the same feeling when you replace it with a
    new riser without any repulsion.

    5. Optimal balanced design

    MK SD Riser balances between the top and bottom of the riser, thereby removing the vibration. It enables stable and neat shooting. Also, it adds
    aesthetic beauty through the balanced design and various pattern designs.


    ※Using the slip-resistant grip (Only RH / LH is wooden grip)

    • With the non-slip pad, it allows preventing slipping when holding the riser.
    • The pad contains constant elasticity, it allows absorbing the impact of shooting.
    • With smooth shooting, it allows a neat shooting feeling.
    ILF & F Riser

    Length : 25″

    Material : Aluminum 7075

    Weight : 1,300g

    Type : RH / LH