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    Product Description

    X ON Riser


    1. Ultra-light Riser

    The X-ON riser is made for lightweight by design based on the 6061 Aluminum. Not only children but also every user enables easy and comfortable shooting.

    2.  NC Accurate manufacturing process application

    The X-ON riser enhanced accuracy by removing the
    minute differences of thickness, weight, and angles
    through the NC accurate manufacturing process.

    3. Easy and fast center alignment system

    By applying a simple center alignment method that adjusts with bolts, even
    beginners can easily set up and adjust while the string is strung to support
    fast setting.

    Only RH & ILF type

    Length : 23“, 25“

    Raw material : 6061 Aluminum

    Weight: 23“ 1,030g, / 25” 1,200g


    23” Color

    Black, Red, Skyblue, Gold



    Black, Red, Skyblue, Violet, Gold