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    Product Description

    The 21 inch Bryon hunting riser from Oak Ridge is a CNC machined extrusion riser with an ILF (International Limb Fitting) pocket allowing for a vast range of possible limb options.

    The riser is past centre and has bushing for a pressure button, stabaliser and a sight should they be required.  If being used with a rest and a button then a stick on rest only can be used as there is no extra bushing for a wrap around rest.

    The shelf is radiused so it can also be shot from the shelf with no need for a pressure button.  The rest will need to be built out to centre however in order to achieve this.

    The riser can also be shot with heavier and faster high end limbs, without the worry of twisting or failure (this can happen with some wooden risers if they do not have enough reinforcement to cope with the pressures of fast/heavy limbs suck as Uukha).  

    All of these features make the Bryon an incredibly versatile riser at an attractive price point.

    Complete with a modern limb alignment system and an attractive wooden grip, the Bryon weighs in at 1125g and is available in a range of anodized matt colours.

    Length: 21" 

    Weight: 1125gr 

    Fitting: ILF 

    Features: Machined extrusion riser, with limb alignment system, wooden grip, anodized or dipped matt colours