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    PSE smashed it out of the ball park when they introduced the Carbon Air in 2016 a light weight all Carbon bow with performance.  Hunters loved the light weight and shock free feel.

    In 2017 PSE improved the Carbon Air by adding the Evolve cam system and improving the cable slide system - making the Carbon Air one of the best bows of 2017.

    In 2018 PSE have redesigned the Carbon Air to increase strength, reducing noise while maintaining what everyone loved about the Carbon Air.

    The new Flex Rod system on the Carbon Air Stealth reduces cable wear and reduces torque and yet allows archers to fine tune arrow clearance.

    The Evolve Cam system on the PSE Carbon Air Stealth allows archers to ajust letoff from 80-90% and draw length from 25.5 to 31" by moving the module.  No bow press required.  But you can also buy another module to reduce letoff to 65-75%.

    ATA speed   342fps
    Brace   6"
    Axle to Axle 33"
    Mass Weight 3.2#
    Limb bolt turns 10.