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    BRACE HEIGHT: 5⁄8”  |  AXLE-TO-AXLE: 32”  |  ATA/IBO SPEED: 312-304  |  LETOFF: 80%  |  MASS WEIGHT: 4.0 LBS.

    DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 21.5″ – 30″  |  DRAW WEIGHTS (LBS.): 50, 60, 70  |  LIMB BOLT TURNS: 10  |  CAM: AS

    The 2022 PSE ATK Series delivers everything you need in a hunting bow without forcing you to pay for the things that you don’t. Engineered on our all-new ATK platform for better stability and rigidity at a lower price point, the PSE Brute ATK and Stinger ATK are smooth-drawing, hard-hitting, and deadly accurate. For more power and tunability, choose the Brute ATK for its 329 FPS of power, AF binary cam, and PSE’s patented Precision Buss Tuning System (PBTS). If value performance is your priority, the Stinger ATK has been engineered to get the job done at the best price possible.