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    We’ve collaborated with our sponsored players to develop our Pro Series. Designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy and seamless consistency, these professional tungsten darts refine every throw to make you master of your darts game. Precision machined barrel concepts and enhanced visual appeal make our Pro Series a real powerhouse of performance and style. Our design team carefully considered the individual requirements that our sponsored players wanted from their barrels and added extended grip and other useful details. The result is a professional dart set with universal appeal that carries the Shot Darts mark of excellence. Paired with tough Tao Carbon Shafts and agile Pro Player Flights, whatever your playing style is, you’ll be unbeatable with the Pro Series dart ranges.

    This slim, pencil shaped straight dart barrel is designed for tighter grouping and limiting deflection. The smooth nose acts as an indicator for your finger to follow through to the “Circuit Grip” (patterned ring grip). This circuit grip features a thinner ring in the centre area of each block. A dimple cut sits on top of this and alternates position as the pattern revolves around and along the barrel. This provides multiple, consistent grip points along the length of the dart. A modest scallop at the tail creates a smooth shaft transition. These darts were designed to last and built to win by our team at Shot Darts, in conjunction with sponsored USA Pro Darts Player Robbie Phillips.

    "My new darts have a consistent grip the whole length of the barrel that has made it easier to throw if it's dry or humid. Ultra-precise machining by Shot Darts means my darts have unmatched quality. And I love the smooth barrel nose because it helps me grab the dart the same every time. They are the best darts I have ever thrown and they inspire me to become the best player I can. Confidence in your equipment translates to confidence in your game and with these darts, the sky is the limit".