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    Still mind, sure victory
    The Zen philosophy says 'prioritise carefully, and choose only the essentials'

    The Zen range of quality tungsten darts is a pared-back series for focused play, free of distraction. Precision made at the Shot Darts factory in New Zealand, Zen barrels feature classic ring grips and push points that will suit most players and throwing styles. When hand and dart work in harmony, the perfect throw becomes natural and effortless. In a Zen state of mind, you don't give your thoughts to your opponent, and you never give away the source of your mastery. Thoughts of success or failure fall away. There, it's just you, your dart, and the board.
    When you calm the mind, you will master the game.

    Budo is a short-fused powerbomb with the weight super concentrated in the balance point. This staunch and compact centre-weighted dart has a sturdy ring grip to maximise release and a short length to keep it on a steady flight path. Zen Budo is the barrel you need to start competing with total confidence.

    The nose of the bomber-shaped Budo features four square groove cuts for finger reference and super controlled release. A classic, wide ring grip sits along the barrel, then finished with the same square grooved cuts at the rear. The push point sits slightly in front of the centre. Because the weight distribution is so focused in the centre, the agile little Budo can self-correct to hit the dartboard at a straight angle. Because it demands to be thrown with consistency, this is the perfect barrel for new players.



    DARTS: Set of 3
    FLIGHTS: Zen Kyudo Flights-Small Standard
    SHAFT: Eagle Claw-Black-Inbetween
    POINTS: Standard 35mm Point
    RANGE: Zen Range


    MATERIAL: 90% Tungsten
    MATCH WEIGHTED: +/- 0.05 gm
    FEATURED GRIP: Ring Grip
    GRIP LEVEL: 3/5


    SHAPE: Pencil
    BALANCE: Centre Weighted
    BARREL COATING: Black Titanium