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    The SWAT HYBRID TI is the new FIXED 4 BLADE broadhead by SWAT for 2020.  Constructed of TITANIUM ferrule with .040 hardened 420 SS blades.  The broadhead is extremely compact and has a total cut of 2 5/8".  The SWAT HYBRID is not a barbed head because the blades release when removed from a target or animal (check all your state and local game laws).  The other feature of the SWAT HYBRID is it can also be shot as a mechanical head and is one of the most compact mechanical heads on the market.  The HYBRID has field point accuracy and is crossbow approved.  THE SWAT HYBRID TI CAN BE ORDERED IN 85, 100, 110 OR 125 GRAINS.  IN ORDER TO SHOOT IN 125 GRAINS YOU MUST ORDER THE SWAT W25 COLLAR (SOLD SEPERATLEY) Shoot SWAT Broadheads and Drain Your Game!