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    SWAT MOAB: The SWAT MOAB Broadhead on impact cuts approx a  2" Entry Wound with an increased blade angle for better penetration.  After the Broadhead passes the rib cage and enters the vitals the secondary blade open and cut an additional 1.7" internal cut with increased  blade angle and levers enclosed inside the ferrule to not damage arrows or bolts.  SWAT patented technology provides a 2 Blade Entry and 4 Blade Exit.  Blades are .036 thick and the MOAB has been tested beyond modern crossbow speeds and on targets and B&C whitetails and have been proven to fly more accurate than a fieldpoint.  The SWAT MOAB Broadhead can be converted to 125 grains with the SWAT 25 Grain weights so you can shoot 100 or 125 grains (weight sold separately).  Ferrules are constructed of 7075-T6 Aluminum (twice as strong other heads) The new SWAT HEX Hardened steel chisel point is indestructible and Mechanical Blades are 420SS.  Another great patent pending feature of the SWAT MOAB is remove the front blade lock block and you can shoot the entry blades full floating for even better penetration and to work around bone!  SWAT Broadheads is Veteran Owned and has all Veteran Employees.  SWAT Broadheads also Guarantees Straightness of their heads! Shoot SWAT Broadheads and "Drain Your Game"!