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    Product Description

    "The UV Doublet Lens is the best performing lens in all of target archery. If it didn't perform as advertised we wouldn't be selling it - yes it actually makes that much of a difference in your shooting. With this ultra-high-quality lens you will have sight picture clarity like never before. Paired with the correct peep size and proper clarifier I can get both my aiming reticle and target crystal clear. This increased level of clarity will definitely help improve your scores. If you truly want a professional advantage over your competition, you need to be using this lens: It will make all the difference." - Kolby Hanley, Founder & CEO

    Single lenses deform light to magnify targets, a second lens – bonded in perfect lenticular plane to the first – balances light distribution and wavelengths to perfectly replicate the target down range. You won’t get color fringing (aberrations) or focus differences as you get farther from the optical center – UV Doublet™ is sharp edge to edge.

    • Achromatic (no color aberrations)
    • Extremely easy to clarify
    • Edge-to-edge sharpness
    • Pre-drilled and perfectly centered .19" hole
    • Available in 4x, 5x, and 6x magnifications
    • Available in 1.35" (UV3) and 1.75" (UV3XL) diameters

    UV Doublet™ comes pre-installed in a lens cartridge with an ULTRAVIEW branded microfiber lens cloth.