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    Product Description

    • Do you need an adapter piece for your Stan, Scott, Trufire or B3 release? Get it here
    • The angle of the knurling is perpendicular to the thumbs movement during a shot which aids in adding an extra grip feel.
    • Comes with ½” long 6-32 & 5-40 Socket screws and nuts for installation.
    • Will attach to all thumb buttons such as TRUBall Abyss, GOAT, Carter releases, Scott, B3, TruFire. Get your Stan, Scott, Trufire and B3 adapter here.
    • Features a ½” x ½” dished square that has been twisted to fit perfectly onto a thumb. Watch the video for an explanation on how it works!
    • Made in USA

    The Helix Knob™ has been a fan favorite since 2017. At first glance the knob looks a little atypical but it works great! The peak of the ridge fits perfectly into the valley of your thumb knuckle crease and provides you with extremely consistent thumb placement resulting in rock solid shot execution. 

     Helix Knob™ is Cerakoted for maximum durability and longevity.

    Works with UV Button™ or most other thumb button releases.