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    Product Description

    Win and Win has made the Axiom riser for years.  It was rebranded under the SF brand in 2013.  In 2014 the Axiom riser was replaced by the Axiom + riser.  The Axiom + riser reduced the weight of the riser by having cutouts or holes in the riser.  The Axiom riser has no holes.

    The new Axiom plus riser is stronger than the old riser allowing higher poundage limbs to be used.  The Axiom Plus riser can handle limbs upto 38#.

    The new Axiom plus riser is 60 grams lighter than the older riser.  It has an integrated clicker extension, 2 plunger holes which allow the use of a screw on arrow rest.

    The SF Axiom plus riser come is Blue, Sky Blue, Black, Red, Silver and Whilte.

    Sky Blue is the brighter of the blues.  So we reference flo blue for the Sky blue colour.