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    Product Description

    • Lens Category – 3
    • Light Transmission Value (LTV) – 15%
    • Individual lens only – temples (arms/frame) not included.

    Conditions: Medium to bright light
    Disciplines: Sporting, Trap, Skeet
    Primary use: Light Management
    Contrast level: â—â—â—â—‹â—‹ (Medium boost)
    Base colour: Golden brown
    Coating: META REVO Blue 

    • META REVO Coating: Advanced anti-reflective technology that selectively filters the light spectrum, enhancing visual contrast and depth perception, while boosting colour saturation without distorting natural hues.
    • Colour-Rich Clarity: The golden brown base tint of the lens expertly filters blue light and heightens the red-orange spectrum, resulting in a richer visual contrast and a warmer viewing experience.
    • Anti-Reflective Mirror Finish: The META coating’s reflective properties expertly reduce glare, providing crisp, high-definition vision and superior comfort under bright conditions.