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    Product Description

    • Lens Category – 1
    • Light Transmission Value (LTV) – 56%
    • Individual lens only – temples (arms/frame) not included.

      Conditions: Medium light
      Disciplines: Sporting
      Primary use: Contrast decrease
      Contrast level: â—â—â—â—â—‹ (Medium-high boost)
      Colour notes: Blue/Turquoise/Cyan

      • The Ice Blue lens is a speciality “Blue Hue” lens designed originally designed to highlight the centre of an archery target.
      • Suppresses target orange to a dark grey by filtering red light.
      • Ideal for shooting ‘white out’ targets against cloud cover which reflect the sun making them hard to see. It reduces the flash effect and helps produce definition of the target against the sky.
      • Effective on black targets, providing deep, rich black enhancement and clearer definition and detail.