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We have over 1,500 compound bows in stock from over seven compound bow manufacturers.  We have been in business for over 30 years with experience in Target archery and Hunting.

With over 200 different compounds on display from PSE, Martin, Hoyt, Prime, Bear, Darton, Mathews, High Country and Carbon Tech

Mon - Friday 9-3 
Saturday 8-12
  • We have an 18 metre shooting range $5.
  • We hire the latest compound bows $20 hour.
  • Coaching and bow setup $30 for 30 minutes.
National Archery Indoor Championships 2016
The National Archery championships was shot on 16/17 July - results
It was an event full of joy and disappointment for many archers - some shooting the best scores and some not so good scores.  But the event was won my junior archers shooting the highest scores of the event.  Remy Leonard won the Mens compound shooting Gold tip 9.3 arrows and Gold Tip Triple X arrows.  Niamh Jones another junior archer won the ladiesfemale compound with a Mathews Chill X.  Clare Reuther another junior the highest female recurve score of the event.

Niamh said to me "you need the belief in yourself and that's what I held onto with my fingertips yesterday".

Niamh Jones - Gold medialist National Indoor Open

I shot in the afternoon with Liam Woolcock a 15 year old compound shoot, who was having a not so good day.  I said one arrow at a time.  One end at a time.  Well Liam on the last 15 arrows shot his first perfect of the competition and his last 15 arrows were good, good enough to put him in the top 5 in the country.  That is what I have loved about archery the highs and lows the effort it takes to be good the dissappointment then getting back up and doing it again.

You will always remeber a National event - for the highs and lows of all the people around you and for what you have to go through.  So congradulations to all archers who competed.

‚ÄčFather and Son
Western Australian archers Danie Oostheizen and Danie-Loius Oostheizen  father and son have just had success at the WA field State Championship coming 2nd and first respectively. 

Danie is the ranked fifth in Australia and recently won the world Oceania Championship. 

It is always great to see family members enjoying archery and doing well together.

Danie is shooting a PSE Expression, and Danie-Loius is shooting a PSE Supra.


Archery Supplies is the Australian Distributor for:
Compound Bow Manufacturers
- PSE Archery
- Bear Archery
- Martin Archery
- Darton Archery
- Mathews Archery
- G5 Archery
- High Country Archery
- Carbon Tech

Recurve Bows
-Martin Archery
-Win and Win

Arrow Manufactures
- Carbon Express
- Carbon Tech
- Gold Tip

Wholesale customers are required to maintain purchases of $10,000 a year, new wholesale customers require an inital order of $10,000.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 9:00-3:00
Saturday 8:00-12:00

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