New Courier service
With the new Courier service we have secured rates better than Australia Post, faster delivery, the items are tracked at all stages and all shipments have $1000 insurance.

With this new service parcels are picked up three times a day.  In Adelaide it is sameday delivery at $5.  Melbourne is next day delivery.   Most shipments will cost between $8-$20.

Please note Couriers can not deliver to PO Boxes.

PSE Full Throttle
PSE is known for the fastest bow ever with the PSE Omen at 366fps.  But for 2014 PSE released the Full Throttle at 370fps.  When PSE released this bow I thought it was an Omen with a new riser and some more speed.

I previously owned an Omen and at 50# it was significantly faster than my 60# bows.  The problem I had with the Omen was the draw was hard, it had a big letoff at the end and while I shot the bow well I did not find the bow comfortable to shoot.  Alot of people I sold Omens to love the bow and they tell me they love the draw.

So when PSE released the Full Throttle 370 fps is cool and owning the fastest bow ever made was something I had to have.  However when the bow arrived and I shot it, I was very suprised.  It was no Omen, in fact it was nothing like the Omen.  The new riser is very cool, however the cams have been completely redesigned and the draw is really smooth, the letoff is easy.  The bow is easy to draw and shoot.  There is no recoil, no noise.  I own a DNA and a Evolution which are both excellent bows, but the Full Throttle is cool.

I liked shooting the Full Throttle so much is must be my favourite bow of all time.  So I ordered a custom colour for target shooting.  Ok here you say this is a 3D/ Hunting speed bow.  A bow shooting 370 fps can not be used for target archery.

The engineers at PSE tell me to make a bow forgiving to shoot, which means when we shoot given our human error the arrow will still go towards the centre, you need to measure the time taken for the arrow to leave the string and the bow.  Which is why many target bows have a large brace height because it reduces the time the arrow is on the bow.  But with the Full Throttle the arrow is on the bow actually less time than the PSE target bow.  The last time I spoke with the head engineer at PSE he was shooting a Full Throttle for indoor archery.

I have shot bows for over 30 years and I like owning different bows, I like to experiment with different ideas so shooting target archery with a Full Throttle I find very interesting.

2014 Bows
When looking at the bows for 2014, it is very easy to look at them and say they are the same as 2013.  Hoyt brought out the Ignite which is adjustable in poundage, like the PSE Rally and the Bear Outbreak. It was not until I set up the Martin Blade X I saw a design I liked.  By moving the cable you take 10# or 20# off the peak poundage.  So one bow has a 70# or 60# or 50# maximum weight.  

PSE employ 6 engineers and the owner of PSE is a engineer so there are alot of people working on building a better bow and I had over looked the some of the changes in the 2014 lineup.

I setup and shot the PSE Vision which is the entry level PSE bow for 2014 with a retail price $400.  The bow shot great, good balance, smooth draw, no noise, in fact to shoot it is very similar to my $1000 DNA.  The Vision uses the same limbs as the DNA putting extra preasure on strings and cables which improves performance and makes the bow quiet.  No other $400 bow has this.

The bow has a rotating module to change draw length from 12- 30" now this has been done before and is used on many bows it is very cool, great for the shop and great for the shooter.  
But what is new is moving string and cable position to change draw length and poundage.  PSE feature this on many bows this year.  The 70# Vision can with a short draw go down to 12#.  There are some bows on the market offering this big poundage variance but most of the time it is through large limb bolts and just winding the bow back and at low poundage the bow is horrible.  The Vision has the compression limbs and the poundage adjustment, which is unique.

This feature by PSE is offered on the Fever kids/Ladies bows and the PSE Surge.  While it is great to have such adjustment - the same point holds true for any bow you want to buy - If you never intend to shoot 70# don't buy a 70#.  Bows always shoot better on maxium poundage.

HUGE SALE - Over 200 compound bows to clear

We are over stocked and we need to clear bows to make way for new stock and the new container of bows scheduled in a few weeks. The bows on clearance are a range of products many well below cost price.

Click here to view clearance bows

Pink Spin WingsSpin Wing vanes are almost the only vane shot by olympic archers and for so many years White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow had been the only options.  Then about 6 years ago they introduced a green metalic vanes - The metallic green has been discontinued, Spin Wing advise they are looking to produce two new colours Orange and Green in the next couple of months.  

Bowmadness FR kits on Sale
The Bowmadness is one of the best bows.  It is one of the highest performance single cam bows on the market at 335 FPS.  The Bowmadness features compression limbs which reduce vibration and noise.  Featured on TV shows such as Dury Outdoors, the Bowmadness is a top of the range bow.  

The Bowmadness FR kit normally sells for $1050 - We are wanting to reduce numbers of stock so we are putting them out for $795.  The bow is setup with release, case,arrows, quiver, whisker biscuit.  

PSE Bowmadness 3G Field Ready

Changes to Archery Supplies
  • We have moved to a large warehouse in Adelaide, which has enabled us to store a wide range of equipment and accessories.
  • We have increased our staff, therefore we can process and post orders in the same day (stock permitting).
  • We have increased our phone hours
  • We have added Hoyt and Martin archery.
  • We have added X10 arrows and Gold Tip arrows in the line up.
  • With the large warehouse we will start shipping in container loads to reduce prices further.
Shipments in
17 April - PSE
16 Apri - PSE, Cartel
15 April - Limbsaver, Beiter
27 March - NEET archery
26 March - NAP archery
25 March - Carter Release, Hoyt
21 March - EZ fletcher
20 March - Flex Fletch
19 March - Spin Wing vanes
13 March - Scott, Carbon Tech, Win and Win, BCY
12 March - PSE, Win and Win, Tru-fire, Scott, Carbon Express, Hips Targets
11 March - PSE, Carter release, Win and Win 

4 March - Hoyt, AAE, Martin Archery
3 March - Neet
27 Feb - Carter Releases, Darton
26 Feb - PSE, Spott Hogg
25 Feb - Hoyt, Americas Best strings
24 Feb - Vanetec
20 Feb - QAD archery
19 Feb - PSE
18 Feb - Carbon Express, CBE hunting sights (no target sights yet)
12 Feb - PSE, Carbon Tech, QAD
11 Feb - Hoyt/Easton
10 Feb - Tru ball
6 Feb - PSE Archery
4 Feb - Scott releases

Archery Supplies is the Australian Distributor for:
Compound Bow Manufacturers
- PSE Archery
- Bear Archery
- Martin Archery
- Darton Archery
- G5 Archery
- High Country Archery
- Carbon Tech
Wholesale customers are required to maintain purchases of $10,000 a year, new wholesale customers require an inital order of $10,000.

Australia Post - All Australia Post parcels are tracked.  Tracking is not available until it reaches its destination. Australia Post is not insured.  Australia Post can not handle longbows or hard bow cases. 
Couriers Please - Tracked at all stages with an ETA.  Two pickups a day. (Not to PO Boxes) All shipments include $1000 insurance.
  Adelaide - Same day   ($5),
  Melbourne - next day  ($10-15),
  Sydney - Two days     ($10-15)
  Tasmania - Two days ($10-15)
  Brisbane - Three days ($10-15)
  Perth - Four days         ($10-15) 
  Country areas you need to add on the time from your capital city.
  Couriers Please have 3 delivers per day to most areas.  


Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00-3:00

Contact Details
Archery Supplies
7 Sandpiper Tce
Hallett Cove 5158
South Australia
Phone (local) 08 8381 8917  
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PSE Bowmadness 3G Field Ready

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