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We have over 1,500 compound bows in stock from over seven compound bow manufacturers.  We have been in business for over 30 years with experience in Target archery and Hunting.

With over 200 different compounds on display from PSE, Martin, Hoyt, Prime, Bear, Darton, Mathews, High Country and Carbon Tech

Mon - Friday 9-6   Thursday 9-7
Saturday 8-12
  • We have an 18 metre shooting range $5.
  • We hire the latest compound bows $20 hour.
  • Coaching and bow setup $30 for 30 minutes.
World Championships 2015
  • Stephan Hansen - Wins Mens Compound world Championship - Shooting PSE Dominator, Carbon Express Nano arrow.  Stephan Dominated the championships winning the final 147 to 143.
  • The top ranked USA compound ladies team won silver will all archers shooting Mathews Conquest 4 bows
  • The top ranked Denmark compound mens team won gold shooting a Mathews TRG and 2 PSE Dominator bows
  • Robert Timms was the highest placed archer finishing 16th in the world using a PSE Dominator. Robert finished with 682 the highest score was 697.
Robert Timms - Dominating with the PSE Dominator

Robert Timms is Australia's number one ranked compound archer.  Robert won the Australian Open and is representing Australia in world championships this year.  Shooting a PSE Dominator and Bee Stinger stabilizers Robert is shooting amazing scores.  In a recent QRE event Robert shot 708 and 709 out of 720.  Robert said his "Dominator is shooting lasers".

Robert will be also representing Australia at Shanghai in the world Cup on may 2.

PSE shooter Alexander Collins shooting a PSE Supra won the first tournament of the year in South Australia will also be representing Australia in the World cup in Turkey. 

Archery Supplies - YouTube
We are producing weekly Youtube videos on the latest bows.

Gold Tip Arrow Manufacturer
Gold Tip is one of the largest arrow manufacturers in the world.  They make a range of arrows for all purposes.  Recently you will see a number of the worlds best target archers shooting Gold Tip.

Archery Supplies is now a proud Gold Tip Distributor.  Gold Tip offer an arrow for all types of archery at great prices.  Adding Gold Tip to our range enables archers to have access to a range of arrows which are suitable for all archers.

The Gold Tip Velocity and Ultra Light range are perfect for the target archer wanting a faster carbon arrow.  Gold Tip produce 3 grades of arrows - Hunter, XT and Pro.  The Hunter are very affordable and even the Pro series at a straightness of .001 is still under $200 a dozen made.

The Gold Tip Kinetic is the thin hunting arrow that many hunters are now trying.

The most popular Gold tip is the Expedition which is a good solid Carbon Arrow at a great price.

Bee Stinger are Manufactures of Stabilizers
Archery Supplies is now the Australian Distributor for Bee Stinger.  Bee Stinger offer a range of stabilizers for the Target archer or the Hunter - They offer great colour options suitable for the target archer and the Hunter.

Bee Stinger is top of the Line product when it comes to stabilizers and absorbing shock from your bow - Check out our current range now.

When testing stabilizers the stiffer the stabilizer the better - Bee Stinger is the stiffest stabilizer we have tested.

Martin Archery
Archery Supplies has over 30,000 customers and what is always amazing is most are repeat customers many have been buying archery products from us for 30 years.  Almost every day a customer will tell us that they brought all there bows from us.  It is this tradition that Martin Archery has.  Many customers have shot and loved Martin bows.  They can remember there first animal or the personal best they shot.

My family has always had strong connections with Martin Archery, my mother competed with a Martin compound bow, I shot personal bests with a Martin bow and Australian records.  But what is most important to me is customer service.

I want to know when I sell a bow a customer will be happy with it and in five or ten years time they will still love that bow.  Martin have always stood behind the product and do what it takes to make a customer happy. 

When you distribute archery equipment it is nice to know when it will be avaiable.  We have had great success with PSE.  PSE have been such a good company.  When we approached Martin Archery about distributing their range we said you need to be as good as PSE.  We are not interested in dealing with companies who are slow and don't provide service.  We placed and order with Martin Archery for the entire range - coloured target bows, hunting compound bows and the tradtional range.  I did not expect delivery for two months due to the size of the order and the need to make so many traditional bows by hand.  Well two weeks after placing the order, Martin is ready to send the order complete.  I have been selling for over 30 years and I have never had service like that.  Just outstanding.

Martin Archery can make traditional bows in 2 weeks, other manufacturers the wait can be over 8 months.  There is really no comparision.  

 Martin Archery aim to be the largest bow manufacturer in 10 years and that is a huge task, they are employing top people from across the industry and they are wanting to build the best product in the Industry.

The Martin Alien which you see Luara holding has been improved and it is one of the most impressive shooting bows you will find.

PSE Archery
PSE have gone from strength to strength.  People may focus on the fastest bow ever made at 370fps or the bow of the year the PSE DNA.  But the real success of PSE is the range of bows they offer.  PSE have bows for everyone at every price point and even the $400 bow is a great shooter

The PSE Drive was voted best affordable bow of 2013.  In 2014 PSE improved the Drive and it is a great shooting bow.  When you compare the specifications it is easy to see why this bow is great value  ATA 336 fps, Brace 7", Axle to Axle of 31" weight of 4.3lbs with a price $550.  This compares with the most expensive bow made the Hoyt Carbon Spyder ATA 332m Brace 6 3/4" axle to axle 30" weight 3.6lbs. with a price $1500.  So the PSE Drive is faster, easier to shoot with a larger brace and axle to axle.  But the Hoyt is 1/2 lb lighter.

We sell a heap of PSE Drives and the bow is rock solid.

Archery Manufacturer Shipments
29 July - AAE, NEET, Plano cases, 

Archery Supplies is the Australian Distributor for:
Compound Bow Manufacturers
- PSE Archery
- Bear Archery
- Martin Archery
- Darton Archery
- Mathews Archery
- G5 Archery
- High Country Archery
- Carbon Tech

Recurve Bows
-Martin Archery
-Win and Win

Arrow Manufactures
- Carbon Express
- Carbon Tech
- Gold Tip

Wholesale customers are required to maintain purchases of $10,000 a year, new wholesale customers require an inital order of $10,000.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 9:00-6:00
Thursday 9:00-7:00
Saturday 8:00-12:00

Contact Details
Archery Supplies
41-47 O'Sullivan Beach rd
South Australia
Phone (local) 08 8186 4006
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